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FRAMING LIGHT | Fractal Shadow Lamps + Backlit Lenticular Boxes

ASANOHA FLOWER v1 - Backlit Lenticular Box (0/5 left!)

The Asanoha Flower ~ Backlit Lenticular Box consists of a custom built (10" x 10" x 2") lightbox with 24 LED lights acting as a backlight so it can be viewed at any time of the day.

The animation changes as you pass it by, and in certain angles you can glimpse a mixture of frames which results in a fascinating, colorful gradient.

The 10" x 10" Asanoha Flower Lenticular print has 10 frames, got re-rendered in large resolution, and is based on the Asanoha Flower v3 .gif fractal animation that morphs the "Seed of Life" sacred geometry pattern into the Japanese "Asanoha" pattern.

Order the Asanoha Flower Backlit Lenticular Box at 150 (free shipping!)

Order the Asanoha Flower Lenticular Print (75) (+ 5 shipping)!

INTRUDER v3 - { Black Edition } (Limited Run of 5 pieces! 3 left!)

Intruder v3 {Black Edition} is a fractal shadow lamp (cube) which measures 8,5" (22cm) per side, with lasercut panels as well as a hand-made wooden frame coated in black. The top is removable to change the light bulb. Appropriate LED bulb and EU socket are provided.

Order it now at 250!
(Please add 15 for shipping costs! 10 if you're in Belgium.)

INTRUDER v2 (Sold Out!)

FRAMING LIGHT | Fractal Shadow Lamps by Jan Robbe

All designs made by Jan Robbe / FRAMEofMIND.
Closeup photography by Serge Lepere.
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